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Come to Play (2012)

[ENG SUB] 120910 Full True Man Show Episode

Immortal Song (2012)

[NO SUB] 150519 Jay Park’s Moonlight in Shilla

[ENG SUB] Link here. Jay Park starts at 8:30. Continuation of his perf here 

[ENG SUB][120407 Jay Park Cut (FULL)] Ambiguous

Jay won this episode :)

[ENG SUB][120331 Jay Park Cut] The Meaning of Love

Full Jay Park Cut without subs here

[ENG SUB][120310 Jay Park Cut (Perf only)] Sleepless Rainy Nights

Full Jay Park cut without subs here

[ENG SUB][120303 Jay Park Cut (Perf only)] Empty Glass

Full Jay Park cut without subs here

[ENG SUB][120225 Jay Park Cut (FULL)] IWill Love You

Immortal Song (2011)

[ENG SUB] 110910 Jay Park perf only - Dear Do Not Change

Jay won this episode!!! Can’t find the full cut

[ENG SUB] 110903 Jay Park cut - Look Back At Me

[ENG SUB] 110827 Jay Park perf only - Feel Good Day

Full cut with eng subs here

[ENG SUB] 110820 Full Jay Park cut - Tell Me

Jay won this episode!!! He sang with Kim SooRo, Jang Hyuk, and Solbi

[ENG SUB] 110813 Jay Park (perf only) - Aemo / Affection

Full Jay Park cut with eng sub here

[ENG SUB] 110806 Jay Park perf only (with HOT’s Moon Heejun)  - Candy

Full cut without subs here

WEEKLY IDOL (2012) [Embedding of video is disabled]

Part 1 here. Part 2 here

[ENG SUB] 120328 Vampire Idol

Guerilla Date 

[ENG SUB] March 14 2012

[ENG SUB] Aug 13 2011

[ENG SUB] March 12 2011

[ENG SUB] Bus Star - Feb 2012

[ENG SUB] Hello!

[120227] Embedding is not available. Link here


[Eng Sub] 120205 Jay Park in GAG Concert

[ENG SUB] 111013 Happy Together 

[ENG SUB] 110902 Hello Baby (Leeteuk & Sistar) Jay Park cut

[ENG SUB] 110426 Dramatic Jay Park

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